Insulation Panel Replacement Services

Polyurethane (PUR) Insulated Panel Replacement - Food Processing Plants - Industrial Cold Storage - Chilled Warehouse

ATB Cold Project design & build - or refurbish - chill or cold stores precisely to your individual business needs & criteria. We provide all the disciplines necessary to design & manage cold store constructions, extensions, refurbishments &/or insulated core panel replacement to suit a wide range of customer requirements.

Polyurethane Panel Replacement

We provide & install a full range of polyisocyanurate (PIR), Polyurethane (PUR) and mineral fibre, composite, panel specifications supplied direct from top quality panel manufacturers to meet your requirements and budget. Various external finishes are available, such as external coloured panel, stainless steel and food-safe laminates.

Polyurethane Panel Replacement: Insulation Panel Replacement Projects Aross England & Wales

We Provide Cold Project Solutions For Many Industries

  • Chill Rooms
  • Cold Stores
  • Ripening Rooms
  • Controlled Environments
  • Food Factories
  • Food Packaging Facilities
  • Food Distribution Centres
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Hygienic Facilities

ATB Projects Design & Build Cold Stores, Chill Rooms & Food Preparation Area for the Food Services Industry
ATB Projects Design & Build Cold Stores, Chill Rooms, & Chilled Preparation Areas for the Meat & Fish Industry
ATB Projects Design & Build Cold Stores, Chill Rooms & Ripening Rooms for the Fruit & Vegetable Industry
ATB Projects Design & Build Cold Stores for the Distribution & Logistics Industry
ATB Projects Design & Build Build Controlled Environment Rooms for the Pharmaceutical Industry
ATB Projects Design & Build Controlled Environment Rooms for the Precision Electronics Industry

Polyurethane Insulated Panel Replacement Services

1 Does your business need insulated panel replacement services?

You may be expanding your business & need new working areas, extending an existing facility, or even looking to design & build a new building with separate product storage, handling, packing & dispatch areas etc.

2 ATB Cold Projects are here to assist you!

Whether you are looking for a turnkey new build, installation & extension of an existing space or refurbishment works we will be happy to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements with you

3 Our UK-Wide Services Include:

  • Design, layout & planning of cold stores & food production areas
  • Construction contractor services & project management
  • Specific building, mechanical, electrical & refrigeration packages
  • Food process plant design layout, specification & budget costings
  • Specialist flooring, ventilation & insulation solutions

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Insulated Panel Replacement Services

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We Carry Out External Building Works
  • Cold Store Construction
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  • Chilled Warehouse Construction
  • Refrigeration Packages
  • Cold Store Extensions
  • Food Production Area Extensions
  • Hygienic Flooring & Refurbishment
We Carry Out Interior Works
  • Food Services
  • Meat & Fish Industries
  • Fruit & Vegetable Packing/ Storage
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Precision Electronics

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why do structural insulated sandwich panels degrade?

The deterioration in structural insulation panels is primarily caused by the ingress of moisture into the insulating core material, which has a number of consequences on the thermal insulating & structural performance of the panels.

Q) What are the signs of structural insulated panel deterioration?

Structural insulated panels deteriorate through the:

  • Loss of thermal insulation properties
    Liquid water has a thermal conductivity (~ 0.55 W m^-1 k^-1) that is ~ 25 times larger than both air & polyurethane - the most typical insulated panel core (~ 0.023 W m^-1 k^-1). Any liquid water saturation of the insulating core material therefore decrease the thermal insulation properties of the material.

  • Increase in panel weight (due to water-logging of in insulated panel core)
    Water-Logging &/or Ice-Logging is of particular concern for insulated ceiling panels: their increased weight & subsequent loss in structural integrity & strength (through De-lamination) or added load on panel frame structure (such as a steel portal frame) may lead to ceiling collapse with potentially disastrous consequences.

  • De-lamination of the panel skin
    This can be caused by mechanical damage e.g. from collisions with fork-lift trucks, or indirectly by the ingress of water: liquid water that collects at the insulation core-skin interface & subsequently freezes will quickly deteriorate the structural & insulating properties of the panel.

  • De-lamination of the vapour seal

  • Destruction of the insulated panel core

  • Loss of structural integrity

The above are typically the consequence (either directly or indirectly) of the penetration of water into the insulating core of the structural insulated panels.

Q) How can the structural integrity & thermal performance of insulated panels be maintained?

  • Ensure adequate ventilation

  • Ensure adequate roof insulation

  • Ensure all pipework is adequately insulated

  • Ensure good vapour sealing

  • Ensure any damage to the structural insulated panel is repaired quickly

  • Avoid leaking pipes or roofs

Q) How can I identify the insulated core material of a structural insulation panel?

For more information see our types of insulated panel resource to learn how to identify insulated panel core material.